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The funnest board you'll ever surf

Spice up what you can do with a fish surfboard or transition from riding shortboards to a more hybrid outline

From $875 AUD

Board Description

Named after the delicious Japanese yellowtail this shape will spice up your quiver with something fun and versatile for everyday surf and maybe some fun head size waves.


Ride this board in 2 to 4 ft small pitchy waves or take it out on bigger fat beach or point breaks. 


Created to be ridden between 3 to 4 inches shorter than your normal shortboard this board is all about going as fast as you can down the line and then be able to turn and snap a lip or two.

Tech Specs


A flatter continuous curve gives this board the ability to plane and go fast but not catch on steeper drops.


The concave goes from a rolled bottom at the front to a double within a slight single through the chest and then things go crazy at the end with a huge double concave and a channel through the fins that provides the release needed to perform sharp turns.


Rails are medium thickness making a flatter deck and they get thinner and sharper towards the tail to compensate for the extra width of the tail.


Take a traditional fish outline and streamline it and you get the Buri. Nose and tail are narrower than a normal fish while still giving plenty of surface area to make this board paddle extremely fast to catch heaps of waves.

5’2 19 3/162 5/16 24.9
5’4 19 13/162 7/16 27.4
5’520 1/82 3/8 28.7
5’620 7/162 7/16 30
5’7 20 3/42 1/231.4
5’821 1/162 9/16 32.8
5’921 3/82 9/1634.3
5’1021 11/162 5/835.8
5’11”222 5/8 37.4
5’2  19 3/16 2 5/16  24.9
5’4  19 13/16 2 7/16  27.4
5’5 20 1/8 2 3/8  28.7
5’6 20 7/16 2 7/16  30
5’7  20 3/4 2 1/2 31.4
5’8 21 1/16 2 9/16  32.8
5’9 21 3/8 2 9/16 34.3
5’10 21 11/16 2 5/8 35.8
5’11” 22 2 5/8  37.4

Video Review

Welcome to the review for the Yugen Surfboards Buri!

The Buri I have been riding i a 5’5 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8 @ 30.5L The Buri is a classic fish outline with a nice quad setup in it to keep it easy to surf, and nice and fast. I have been surfing this across a range of conditions over the last few months, but it has generally been something i have been grabbing when waves have been in the waist to shoulder high range, and there has been a little running wave as the Buri likes a longer wave and a bit of space to open up into a nice arch or turn. The Buri holds a lot of foam/volume up the front and under the chest/front foot, this keeps it nice and easy to get into waves, but also keeps a bit of an accelerator pedal under the front foot when hauling down the line! Jumping back on the back foot the Buri has a deep double concave through the tail that keeps it ultra fast, and also super maneuverable allowing you to jump into some somewhat high performance turns!