Where to use it

While of course, you can cruise on a twinnie like this, there are some performance features that will surprise you in this small package.

Named after the delicious Japanese yellowtail this shape will spice up your quiver with something fun and versatile for everyday surf and maybe some fun head size waves.

Get the right size

Created to be ridden between 3 to 4 inches shorter than your normal shortboard this board is all about going as fast as you can down the line and then be able to turn and snap a lip or two. 


The Rundown

The outline combines a wide area at the front with a narrower tail that is more versatile and maneuverable than a fish and a small swallow tail to keep a bit more area. This allows you to catch a ton of waves and have a lot of speed from the get.

Flat rocker, the bottom contours go from a slight single concave to a very deep double through the fins. This compensates the width in the tail and the curvy rail line helps the board go up and down the lip with ease.

The secret

Behind the front fins, there’s a really good surprise that is a small channel that goes in between the front fins and the trailers. This creates a release point for the tail to pivot a lot tighter at the top of the lip.  So it paddles like a fish but surfs like a thruster!

One of our funniest boards to ride, you can use it as a quad or a keel or even a set of twin fins for a more radical approach.