Do you know when you have that tool that helps fix almost everything? That’s the IKi.

The concept

This board is a combination of a couple of shortboards that I’ve been riding in the past. I was looking for a high-performance all-around board that I could take anywhere and surf.
Super simple design inspired by Japanese aesthetics, the name Iki is an expression of simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity, and originality.

Where and when to use it

This board works well in conditions from 2 to 6 ft either point or beach break with plenty of speed and looseness at the top of the lip.
It features a medium entry rocker, a continuous but flat curve through your feet and exits with a slight kick in the tail. These make the board fast down the line and gives it a great sweet spot for you to stand on.

Rail rocker features a curve given by the single concave through the middle which gets deeper through the fins to a smooth exit. These have 2 benefits: when you put the board on rail, it will help you go up the lip with ease. Also, the single concave to flat generates an acceleration effect in the board, giving it an extraordinary speed.


Rails are medium to give the board more stability in softer conditions while allowing it to dig for a more powerful carve on a bigger wave.

The outline features a more parallel rail line with a subtle hip right in front of the fins which are set a bit further back than usual. I found this gives the board pivot for smaller waves or tighter arc turns, and the straighter rail line adds to the rocker to gain more speed.

Get the right fit


Size this board about your height and match your volume with the thickness if needed. Shave a bit of the rail to tune your sensitivity. You can ask for all these changes when you order.

Don’t forget you can customize everything on this board by getting in contact with us for a free design session.