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The ultimate all rounder

You know when you have that tool that helps fix almost everything? That's the IKi.

From $799 AUD

Board Description

A high performance all around board that you can take anywhere to surf. Super simple design inspired from the japanese aesthetics, the name Iki is an expression of simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity, and originality.


This board works really well in conditions from 2 to 6 ft either point or beach break with plenty of speed and looseness at the top of the lip.


Size this board about your height and match your volume. You can customize everything on this board by getting in contact with us for a free design session.

Tech Specs


Medium entry rocker with a continuous but flatter curve through your feet and exits with as slight kick in the tail. This makes the board fast down the line and gives it a good sweet spot for you to stand on.


A good curve given by the single concave through the middle which gets deeper through the fins to a flat exit. Two fold benefits: when you put the board on rail you’ll go up the lip with ease and the single concave to flat generates a venturi effect in the bottom of the board giving it extraordinary acceleration.


Rails are medium to give the board more stability in softer conditions while allowing it to dig for a more powerful carve on a bigger wave.


The outline features a more parallel rail line with a subtle hip right in front of the fins which are set a bit further back than normal. I found this gives the board a good pivot for smaller waves or tighter arc turns and the straighter rail line adds to the rocker to gain more speed.




5’818 1/162 1/423.6
5’918 5/162 5/1625.7
5’1018 5/82 5/1626.8
5’1118 7/82 3/828
6’019 1/82 7/1629.2
6’119 3/82 7/1630.4
6’219 11/162 1/231.7
6’319 15/162 1/233
6’420 3/162 9/1634.4




5’8 18 1/16 2 1/4 23.6
5’9 18 5/16 2 5/16 25.7
5’10 18 5/8 2 5/16 26.8
5’11 18 7/8 2 3/8 28
6’0 19 1/8 2 7/16 29.2
6’1 19 3/8 2 7/16 30.4
6’2 19 11/16 2 1/2 31.7
6’3 19 15/16 2 1/2 33
6’4 20 3/16 2 9/16 34.4

Pro Review

With a low entry rocker and hip through the tail, the Iki is a high-performance board typically suited for your classic beachbreak. It has a nice outline with a rounded squash tail to boot. It could be likened to your classic QS warrior’s craft and one I was looking forward to riding at some of the more high-performance waves in the region. It was a tremendously easy board to ride. Super drivey and generated speed well, it turned on a dime and fit in the tight pockets with ease. It was responsive and had that go-wherever-you-want feel to it. It held in well in the heavy stuff and I managed to nail the wave of the trip on it (a gaping, double-up, freight train tube). A great board choice for anyone who surfs well and is in the market for a high-performance yet.

Robbie Rickard

Video Review

The Tracks 2019 Ride Guide Mentawais: Our tropical test-pilots Tyler Warren, Robbie Rickard, Kolton Sullivan and Todd Rosewall, carved, slashed and trimmed their way across a plethora of set-ups, riding surfboards crafted by 20 of Australia’s best shapers. Each evening, the crew would summarise their findings while re-hydrating on the splendid drinking deck that overlooks the water at John’s Place.
By the end of the trip, the boards were like new best friends and John’s Place had become a Nirvana we never wanted to leave.

The reviews are intended to point you in the right direction when it comes to making your next investment in foam and fibreglass. It really was a brilliant assembly of boards and we’re fairly certain there is something in there for you. Photos by the legendary Simon Williams.

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