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6'4" MR Free Ride Twin Replica


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A replica of the ’78 MR Free Ride a board that Mark created for the comps in Hawaii.

This is a 6’4″ x 21″ x 2 15/16″ and 43.6L with glass on fins original MR twin template. The board has been tinted in beautiful racing green and custom sprayed with racing stripes and the number 5.

There’s a funny story behind the 5 on the board, the reason is (as I’ve been told) that when MR closed his factory he did a run of 200 of these boards and all of them were numbered, but not in sequential order, so people chose their numbers and when they did the final paperwork, the number 5 was missing. So I decided to number this one as the missing n 5 Free Ride Twin.

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