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About Yugen

About Freddy

I'm Federico Ponsa, and I founded Yugen Surfboards to build 100% custom surfboards exactly the way you want so you can surf your best. That’s what I always wanted for myself and I want you to experience the same. I always loved the ocean, for me it's like home. If I could put a word to it would be gratitude. The reason why, is because when I was growing up I lived 400km away from the ocean but every summer my family and I would holiday for just 2 weeks at the beach.

Life before shaping

I’d spent all day every day in the surf, from the moment we arrived at the beach until my parents would call me in to go home. When I was 8 years old, I watched how a surfboard was built on TV and I thought: that’s something that would be really cool to do - I loved it right away. Life went on though and I got busy with school and friends inland where surfing wasn’t a big deal. I finished high school as an aeronautical technician and studied mechanical engineering at Uni whilst working at different manufacturing and engineering jobs.


I created Yugen surfboards and started building 100% custom boards for surfers combining all my knowledge in design, computers, and manufacturing to give them exactly the board that they wanted. Yugen to me is what surfing is all about, the potentiality of the journey, the mysteriousness and deepness of the surfboard design and all of its details, how it will go on the waves is a feeling that only you can experience.